Apply: March of Remembrance & Hope Holocaust Study Trip

Applications are open until January 15, 2018 for Canadians interested in participating in the March of Remembrance and Hope Holocaust Study Trip to Germany and Poland. The program is intense, exhausting, heart-wrenching — this is one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done.  Truly not a day goes by that I do not recall the trip in some way.

This was the trip that prompted me to ask myself: “If dehumanization is at the core of genocide, then what does it mean to humanize humanity?”

Living this question has contributed to the direction of my education, travel, and work ever since.

Here’s the brief testimonial I wrote following the trip (when I was 19):

The March of Remembrance and Hope offers hope in the generation that realizes differences can and should be celebrated, rather than eliminated or suppressed. Regardless of our differences, and perhaps even because of them, we learned about the necessity of having the civic courage to uphold human dignity so that we can all thrive together. We are the creators of what will one day become history. I am filled with hope that with our lives we can choose to write a beautiful narrative because we have learned so much by choosing to confront such a horrific one.

And here’s my ten-minute documentary about the experience:

Seize the opportunity to travel with and learn from survivors. Apply before Jan. 15th.

Faigie and Pinchas.jpg
With Holocaust survivors Faigie Libman and Pinchas Gutter

P.S. What do you think about virtual reality survivor testimonies?

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