Why Blog Every Single Day

I’ve been blogging for 58 days straight since the start of the pandemic in my region on March 16th. This is eight days longer than a previous fifty day blogging streak a couple years ago. What’s the point of it?

I was motivated to take this up by the trailblazers and mavericks over at Praxis. Check out this two-minute video by Praxis CEO Isaac Morehouse on how being creative is a discipline.

There are so many advantages to daily blogging. I consider three of the key advantages to be:

  1. Combatting perfectionism
  2. Making sure that something new is learned and explored every single day
  3. Signalling a value-creation mindset and continually offering something to others

I also like this video in which a teenage entrepreneur encourages, above all, to set a minimum for yourself when it comes to resolutions. This is the way to ensure habit-forming consistency and a winner’s mindset.

After one month of blogging every day, I added the resolution of reading one hour every day. And while I have certainly read more than the equivalent of that this past month, I haven’t been consistent because I usually find myself reading very little, if at all, on weekdays and then reading for several hours on Saturday and Sunday. I like the approach of having a daily minimum though because it requires being more disciplined and contributes to a sense of daily accomplishment and fulfillment.

Seeking to continually create value is uplifting because it always demands audacity.

I’m thankful to Isaac, T.K., and others at Praxis for proposing this challenge to their Praxis participants and beyond.

Published by Amanda Achtman

What matters to me is living in truth, taking responsibility, creating value & cultivating community.

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