Three Summer Opportunities

These are three phenomenal summer opportunities for which the deadlines to apply/register are quickly approaching.

I cannot emphasize how much Acton University and the Hildebrand Seminars, in particular, have been transformative to my personal development and have fundamentally given direction to my life, education, and work. I have also met some of my best and most enduring friends at these conferences and seminars. Getting involved with Acton and Hildebrand opens entire worlds. The cost is modest and the value is high. If you’d like any more information on any of these, please feel free to reach out to me.

Acton University Online

This is not your typical digital conference. It’s a unique, two-day, live & interactive experience exploring the intellectual foundations of a free society. Each day is packed with thought-provoking presentations providing you with a holistic framework for understanding the foundations of genuine human flourishing. Main themes: Religious Freedom, Economics, Culture, Intellectual History, Demography, Justice, Business, and Natural Law.

Dates: June 17-18th

Cost: $300 USD [Scholarships available]

Hildebrand Project’s Tenth Annual Summer Seminar: The Heart | A Virtual Seminar

The Hildebrand Project’s annual Summer Seminar is an intensive immersion program in the philosophy of Dietrich von Hildebrand. Since 2011, it has brought together students, scholars, and professionals who wish to understand the contributions of Hildebrand and the broader traditions he represents (notably Christian personalism and realist phenomenology) in addressing both perennial and pressing philosophical questions. We’re excited to continue the annual seminar in a virtual format.

This year’s seminar will explore contemporary issues of human affectivity. Hildebrand spoke of “affective atrophy,” so we will ask: what are the main forms of affective deadness to which the men and women of today are vulnerable? How, for example, does the passion for autonomy lead to a certain atrophy of the heart? Hildebrand also spoke of the “hypertrophy of the heart,” and so we will ask: what are the main forms of affective excess – the main disordered passions – to which we are vulnerable? What, for example, do we make of the moralizing rage that we see in many people today?

We will devote special attention to the questions that have arisen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic as they relate to the heart and human person: the effects of isolation, hope and hopelessness, the expression of the face, the value of human contact, and other topics.

Deadline to Apply: June 12th
Dates: July 6-11th

Student: $99 USD
Professional: $199 USD

First Things Summer 2020 Intellectual Retreat: On Josef Pieper’s “Faith, Hope, Love”

First Things is pleased to invite our readers to a summer 2020 Intellectual Retreat on Josef Pieper’s Faith, Hope, Love. In view of current uncertainties, this retreat will take place via WebEx video conferencing. Participants will have the opportunity to study and discuss Pieper’s text with others in small groups under the expert guidance of tutors who specialize in the Great Books.

In a time of unprecedented social and political change, contemplation of the theological virtues has taken on new urgency as we seek to integrate our political and religious commitments.

Participants in this retreat will have the opportunity to step away from contemporary partisan disputes and consider theological questions that transcend our news cycle. In these seminars, participants will consider fundamental questions of transcendent significance. You can experience the priority of the first things.

Dates: June 16-19th
Cost: $200 USD

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